Security Data Tags
Electronic Identification System

As the market leader, we are only too well aware of the increase in theft of garden and
parks equipment, including high value furniture. To combat theft we are pleased to
announce the introduction of the UK’s leading microchip identification technology.  
The stoptheft anti-theft and recovery system can be detected by more than 3600 microchip
readers in police use in the UK and Eire.  The main microchip we supply for installation
into exterior furniture is an ID100A which is approx the size of a rice grain.

There are four kits available.  You can purchase the tag only.

The Garden Furniture Kit is available for 6ft benches and above 6ft.  The kit comes supplied
with an  ID 100 Electronic Identification System registration form ,microchip, teak dowel,
warning label and 10mm wood drill.  For benches over 6ft, an extra microchip and teak
dowel are supplied.

Garden Statue Kit is available for installation into statues and garden ornaments.  
The kit comes supplied with an ID 100 Electronic Identification Systems registration form,
microchip, Epoxy resin and masonry drill.
Garden Furniture Kit                                     Garden Statue Kit    
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